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Commissions are permanently closed.

This is where you ask us the important questions.

Such as what our favourite record at the moment is, or whether we put pineapple on our pizza. If the simpler questions are what you're itching to ask (like whether we'd do your album art), hit us up below. For life's hardest questions, swing by the office for some soul time with our two cats. We make really good coffee.

If you have questions about what kind of commissions we take, here's where you'll find answers.

If you have even more questions about how we work, check this out.

If you are not a musician, but still want to work with us, head on over here!

Slide into our DMs:

Looking for a gig?

blankfound is an offshoot of FRISK, a new-wave creative practice. Please head on over there in case you would like to collaborate, intern, or work at our company.

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