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You're sure to have questions.

Who are you? What's all this about? Who am I?
Are Donald Glover and Childish Gambino the same person?
Who are you?

We're four friends from Bangalore, India. By profession, we run a creative practice called FRISK. blankfound is our passion project. We're also huge music fans – we've been involved in the independent music circuit for a very long time, both as listeners and active musicians. You wanna see our faces, you go here.

What kind of work do you do?

Illustration, graphic design, photography, podcasts, content, videos, and all sorts of general fuckery. We're a constant stream of great ideas. Each of us does more than one thing, which is why being a small team really works for us. Also, we make music.

I have a band/solo act. What can you do for me?
I want album art. How does that work?
Also applies to artwork for tour posters, gig posters, any artwork, really.


But when we were open, you could send us an email. You would go, "Hey guys, I have a band, here's our music, here's our budget, we'd like some album art, please."

We are inspired by the music you make. What we end up creating needs to be influenced by the music you make. This is why we need to listen to the music that's going to be in that album or EP. If it's unmixed, unreleased, it's okay. We're not going to leak your music or judge your mixes. 

In your email, write a bit about who you are as a band, and where you come from. What your influences are, what the music means to you. What kind of visual style you always imagine when you close your eyes. We always appreciate references as well – other pieces of art that speak to you and why you like them.

We take all this information from you, add our own interpretation, and chew it up to make your artwork.

What's your artwork process?

First, we process all the information you send us. Usually, ideas strike us immediately. We're like an idea factory, pretty much. All of us are involved in coming up with the initial idea.

Then, we call you to make sure everyone's on the same page with regard to this idea and its execution.

If our idea for your artwork is best represented by an illustration, Sachin illustrates it. In case it's best represented by a photograph, Abheet shoots it with Sachin and Sanjana assisting. Then Sanjana puts it in a layout, adds texture/colour, and creates the typography. 

You're involved in this process the whole time. Every step of the way.