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We left this here for posterity.

We said we're multidisciplinary.

We know how vague that sounds.

Here's all the stuff we can do for you.
Album Artwork

Releasing an album? Congratulations, we can't wait to hear it!

We're with you from start to finish on this one. Artwork isn't just a square jpeg. It's a concept. It's the identity of your album. We brainstorm with you. We do your CD inserts, your merch, and we plan and execute your social media hype. 

(Maybe you want just the square jpeg. That's alright, too.)

Album Art - maybe you want a colouring book insert. That's cool. We do inserts, posters, banners, lyric booklets.

Merchandise - what else will your groupies wear? T-shirts, stickers, posters. We even made socks once.

Tour Collateral - at this point you know we'd take care of the announcement creatives for this, too. We'll take care of this while you trick out your tour bus.


We know that every musician needs a great photoshoot.

You need to look good when you're on those billboards with your name in lights.

Your live photos are just as important. Every musician has a distinct personality on stage. Our photos are sure to bring that out.

Directed Photoshoots - concept photoshoots that are tied in with your individual personalities and the idea of your music. It's always a hell of a lot of fun, and besides, it makes your interviews look incredible.

Live Photography - personal, intense, artistic photographs from your show. Shot, edited, and curated.

Graphic Design

No logo? No problem.
No gig poster? No problem.

We do one-off projects, too. It can't always be the whole shebang.

One-Hit Wonders - maybe you just want a poster for the gig of your lifetime. We'll give you the poster of your lifetime.

Creative Direction

You definitely want your personality to come through with your music. After all, your music is personal to you.

We understand you and your music. We know how to augment your musical idea with visuals.

We've been on all sides of the industry - as a band, as a manager, as a venue. We know what flies and what doesn't.

Band/Artist Identity - logo, social media, the usual suspects.

Press Kit - a well-designed, professional press kit with everything an organiser could need. We've been on the other side. We know.

Tech Rider - appear professional to gig organisers and venues. You'll probably get the outrageous things you want if we design your tech rider.


Want us to cover your show and make a supercut live video?

Maybe you want a music video for your hit single.

We've got you covered. We know each video is different and we have a host of different teams to work with to make your music video that much more special.

Music Videos - conceptualised, art-directed, and shot by us. Our video team is efficient, artistic, and talented.

Live Videos - we won't miss the part where you break a string or hit that note. The most epic parts from your gig, shot and compiled.


We’ll also come for your shows!

Holler at us with the details.

We believe that the 'scene' grows with every single person who supports it.