Not just another gym t-shirt.

India’s favourite fitness brand sends its star customers personalised gifts, with our help.


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Now with thousands of patrons and dozens of branches all over the country, premier fitness brand recognises the first few people who bought a gym subscription. By acknowledging the first few patrons who were there at its inception, and levelling up the merchandise, the gift box was intended to not just be an engagement tool, but also a social-media magnet for increased subscriptions.


Our challenge was to create a box and merchandise that looked extra premium and sophisticated, while still working within the brand’s existing design language. The brand already has a ton of existing merchandise and swag, but this box and merch had to be a class apart. by FRISK

Tailoring the experience around the joy of unboxing, our subtle, elegant black box opens up to reveal a surprise of colours and patterns, adapted from the brand’s visual identity. by FRISK by FRISK by FRISK

Dissecting the daily routine of the regular gym-goer, we included a fashionable drawstring backpack made of sweat-wicking material. We thought water bottles and coffee mugs are overdone, so we replaced those with an infuser bottle for tea, or fruits. Under the personalised thank-you note, one would find a fitness journal placed next to a selection of shot glasses with recipes for health-shots, and a set of coasters to place these on. To make sure the day ends well, we threw in a sleeping mask. by FRISK by FRISK


Sanjana Bhatt



Anand Vijayasimha

project management