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We really love meeting people from companies that are more or less like ours. Momo is one of these. Considering how much they love music and sneakers (two of our biggest interests), it’s no surprise we got along really well.


Momo, a video creator agency, came to us hoping for a brand refresh. They’d done their time in the field of digital video content. “We’re ready to get FRISKed,” they said. 


Momo’s brief was simple: “Give us a suit, but with sneakers.” They wanted to appear more serious and legitimate, while maintaining their young personality. So we did just that. Knowing that Momo are creators themselves, we were free to craft a dynamic brand identity for them to carry forward their own interpretations of. Our intention was to start them off with a system, and let them play with it and give it their own Momo flavour.

And flavour it they did. Here's team Momo showing off their new stationery:

Working on Momo’s website was an exercise in collaboration. Two teams became one. Team FRISK wrote and designed, while Team Momo shot, edited, and soundtracked. By this time, they had already begun messing around with the brand identity, and were able to use their new design elements in their showreel and other videos they created for the website.

Here's some of the visuals Team Momo shot for their website.

Lastly, some design options that didn't see the light of day:

Momo Media by FRISK

This particular brand identity was deliberately designed for the brand to mess with and make their own. We have to say we're pretty happy with the results.


Sanjana Bhatt

design, copywriting, project management

Momo Media

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