Punkah House by FRISK


We’re actually old people, we're just trapped in young bodies.

We’re suckers for nostalgia. Suckers. Here’s how we put it to good use with Punkah House.







We may be at the cutting edge of everything with our modern mindsets and fast-paced lifestyles. The truth is, we always fall head over heels for anything that has even the faintest smell of nostalgia. Growing up in and around the Cantonment areas of Bangalore, we grew up around trees and buildings that saw the birth of a new era in a new nation. Monkey-top houses, jacaranda flowers, fantastic weather. Old Bangalore.


So when we were approached by Punkah House, the city's latest culinary foray, to create content for their launch, we jumped on board. The idea of Punkah House is to be a time machine, a window into the world of modern Indian gastronomy by founding its entire philosophy around the last 200 years of Indian history and heritage. 

​We mapped out our communication to cover the food, the drinks, the decor and the dining experience in equal parts. We documented the space in the dead of the night to make sure we captured every single detail. We even ate pretty much everything on the menu, which left us more than inspired. The idea behind our approach was to make Punkah House seem like an aspirational yet accessible space to experience a different side of Indian cuisine.

Our 3-month content strategy was exactly the kind of start Punkah House was seeking for their online journey. Every project might have a great story to tell – but with Punkah House, the stories were always the highlight.


Abheet Anand



Anand Vijayasimha

project management, copywriting

Deepak Ramarao

shoot assistance