Care for a spot of tea?

Luxury tea brand The Hillcart Tales gets dressed to the nines for a tea party. Or four.



art direction




Although we root for team coffee, our pinkies instinctively raised at the opportunity to get real fancy with luxury tea masters, The Hillcart Tales. Apart from having great tasting tea, The Hillcart Tales also has a great brand experience with watercolour landscapes on their packaging and delicate filigree teabags.


Our brief was to encapsulate the experience of drinking tea and condense it into photographs that could tell a story on social media. The Hillcart Tales has four premium gift boxes, containing eclectic blends of tea along with accompanying paraphernalia, which we were to shoot.


Each variety of tea has a different personality, and that’s what we sought to highlight with each of our distinct stylings.


Dainty dessert flavours like lemon cake received a floral, lacy tea party.

The box of chamomile and honey-lemon tea found itself in a setting right out of a Jules Verne book.

The darker Mystical Assam blend is surrounded by candles for a late-night rendezvous.

Oriental flavours like Oolong and Darjeeling look at home in a chilly hill-station setting amongst glass and silverware.

We also photographed the boxes for eCommerce.


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